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General Terms and Conditions of Sale on Médecine du Maghreb électronique

The society Agence Panafricaine Interactive de Développement et de Promotion du Médicament (APIDPM) offers on its website Médecine du Maghreb électronique, online purchase of subscriptions (paper and digital version).

This service is governed by the present general conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as the terms), excluding any other document or condition. All subscription subscribed from Médecine du Maghreb électronique implies full and unreserved agreement of the subscriber to terms.

APIDPM reserves the right to change the terms at any time. The new General conditions of sale will be, if necessary, brought to the knowledge of the client by online editing and apply only to sales made after the change. The valid general terms and conditions of sale in English language are accessible at any time on Médecine du Maghreb électronique.

These general conditions govern all subscriptions benefits incurred on Médecine du Maghreb électronique.

Our products and services are presented prior to the subscription, allowing you to take note, to knowingly accept and comply without condition or reservation to be able to benefit from them and use them.
Acceptance of our contracts determines the access and use of our services.

You agree that these terms bind you contractually to us and govern the terms and conditions under which you may use our products and services. A dedicated interface, accessible from our website allows you, via your username and password, to access at any time to your contracts, to subscribe, to renew or terminate your services, according to the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement and recalled via our interface before each transaction. They may vary depending on the subscribed offer.

However, when your user account is bound to a group subscription, only the person in charge of the group subscription which you benefit, can subscribe, cancel or renew the service which it provides you.

Offers of products and services

The different offers are presented within the limit of stocks available. Current offers are those displayed on Médecine du Maghreb électronique the day of the registration of the order, APIDPM reserves the right to change them at any time.

Subscription offers proposed by APIDPM for Médecine du Maghreb are presented on our website Médecine du Maghreb électronique qwhich details for each, its content and the terms of subscription, renewal or termination. We propose you individual or collective electronic subscriptions. Current offers are posted on the site on the day of registration of the order, including promotional offers.

Subscription to the "printed edition"

The subscription to the printed edition of Médecine du Maghreb is proposed for one (1) year and 6 issues. The subscription can be purchased, choice, for the calendar year or for 6 numbers from the date of the order.

Individual electronic subscription

Our individual electronic subscription allows to have personal access to the service for a renewable selected period: quarterly, semi-annual or annual. This choice is made at the moment of the subscription.

Annual subscription provides a total and illimited access to the entirety of Médecine du Maghreb électronique during all the duration of the subscription.

Quarterly and half-yearly subscriptions provide unlimited access to all the topics in Médecine du Maghreb électronique but limit the consultation of articles in full text (PDF) published by Médecine du Maghreb.

  • The quarterly subscription includes a credit of 50 articles;
  • The half-yearly subscription includes a credit of 100 articles.

Institutional electronic subscription

Our institutional electronic subscription offers allow universities, hospitals, clinics, libraries... to purchase a subscription for a renewable period selected at the moment of the subscription, quarterly, semi-annual or annual in order to offer their members a right of access and usage of subscribed services.
The institution is the Subscriber to main title and accepts the contract without restriction nor reserves.
Each institutional subscription may have up to 5 user accounts.
Once the subscription contracted, the institution shall provide a list of names of users (maximum 5) who will receive a personal login.
Users designated by the institution to receive the contracted subscription are also subjected to compliance with these terms and conditions.

Each electronic subscription is associated with a user account and personal access codes (username and password), allowing the Subscriber to identify themselves to individually use the services subscribed subject to the respect of our contracts.

Terms and conditions of purchase

The validation of the order by the customer leads to acceptance of these terms, fully and without reserve. To validate the order, the customer must click on the button « Validate » at the end of the order. An acknowledgement will be sent by return to the e-mail address provided in the order form, including the contractual information, the exact amount charged and the terms of delivery of the order. This acknowledgment is worth acceptance of the order by APIDPM and commits the transaction.

APIDPM reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom would exist a litigation of payment relating to an offer commercialized by APIDPM, although it cannot claim any compensation in any capacity whatsoever.

The customer acknowledges that the data registered on Médecine du Maghreb électronique are proof of the transaction (type of purchase and purchase date), and the data recorded by the system of payment described below and the evidence of the financial transaction.

Acceptance of cookies is essential to order on the Site.

Price and terms of payment

Payment is made according to the rates and terms in effect at the time of the formulation of the order through Médecine du Maghreb électronique. You choose the method of payment among those proposed in this order. We reserve the right to change the rates and terms of payment proposed at any time.

A possible change of the price of subscriptions is of no consequence on the current subscription.

Prices of the various subscription offers are those displayed on Médecine du Maghreb électronique aon the day of registration of the order, APIDPM reserves the right to change them at any time. They are indicated in euros, all taxes and costs of processing and shipping included. All orders are payable in euros.
The subscription is payable at the time of subscription and/or renewal.

Promotional offers are valid only for the duration of validity of the relevant offer. Current promotions are not cumulative between them. They cannot be redeemed the monetary value or be refunded in part or in their entirety. After the specified time, the reduction will be permanently lost.

Four methods of payment are available:

  1. Payment by credit card by secure server CMCIC-P@iement (debit card, Visa, MasterCard). Payment online by credit card is provided by a secure solution that incorporates a method of encryption by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode;
  2. Payment by Paypal ;
  3. Payment by check: the customer must print his order and send it with a cheque for the amount of the order (issued by a bank domiciled in mainland France) made payable to the order of the company APIDPM by post to the following address: APIDPM, Espace Santé III, 521 avenue de Rome, 83500 La Seyne sur Mer, France ;
  4. Payment by bank transfer: the customer must print his order and send it with a copy of the transfer order in the amount of the order. The transfer must be done for the benefit of the account below :

IBAN : FR76 1027 8079 1100 0202 0310 114

Domiciliation :
CCM La Seyne sur mer
Angle rue Renaudel et Verlaque
83500 La Seyne sur mer, France

Account holder :
Espace Santé III, 521 avenue de Rome
83500 La Seyne sur Mer, France

Account and personal access ID to Médecine du Maghreb électronique

To subscribe to one of our offers or change your options, and use our services, you must have an account to which are attached your personal ID and password, regardless of the subscription you subscribe. So, before any use of our services, you will need to create an account. The creation of this account is done online, without extra cost. It is a declarative procedure to enter your details (name, mailing address, telephone contact, email...).

Your account is based on the information reported, associated with a username and a password that you choose. These access codes (« Id » and « Password » associated with your account) are strictly personal. You refrain from communicating these identifiers to a third party. The use of these codes of access by a third party is strictly prohibited. Noncompliance with this rule will be likely to lead to the temporary or definitive suspension (in case of repetition) of your subscription.

Indeed, these access codes, associated with your account identifies you, personally, as subscriber and/or contributor. You acknowledge and agree that any use of our services via your account will be deemed your responsibility and with your permission.

In case of forgotten password, you can request your password again.

In the event of inadvertent disclosure or theft of your password, you must promptly change your password by accessing this feature in the section « my account ». You can then choose a new password.

Note that the use of your personal codes by a third party, particularly by the simultaneous use of your codes on different computers, is a breach of contract that could result in the suspension or termination of your subscription. Fault remedied within the time limit or if the situation were to be renewed, we will be entitled to suspend, or terminate access to our services.

Acceptance of cookies is essential for any subscription on the site as well as for the use of our services as outlined in the terms of use of the site, accessible at all times on our Web site.

Contracting process - validation of subscriptions

Common process to all subscriptions

After having chosen the service to which you would like to subscribe and became aware of the General or specific conditions applicable to this service, you need to complete a subscription form, online, on which you must identify yourself.
If you do not yet have an account, you will need to proceed with his creation.

By subscribing to the service, you declared specially to have legal capacity and the powers and/or permissions required to validly conclude these general terms of sale, as well as any other special condition applicable to the subscribed service, and subscribe the obligations arising therefrom.
We especially remind you that pursuant to article 1124 of the Civil Code, not emancipated minors are unable to contract.

The access to a summary of your current order allows you to view and correct, if necessary, the offer subscribed and the information entered before final confirmation of your order.

By validating your request during the creation of your account for benefiting our services, you confirm accept these terms, fully and without reserve. An acknowledgement will be sent by return to the e-mail address provided in the subscription form, as a confirmation of the acceptance of your application for subscription and committing the transaction.

The subscription will become final only after receipt and validation of complete payment. After full payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the Subscriber, indicating how to access the site Médecine du Maghreb électronique and use services and, if so, the exact amount charged.

Duration of the contract - Activation and duration of access to the service

The subscription period is mentioned in each offer.

The subscription by credit card begins to run on the validation of the transaction (payment).
Subscription by check begins, at the earliest, at the reception of it by the services of Médecine du Maghreb électronique. However, we reserve the right to cancel your membership in case of non-receipt and validation of the payment.


'Paper' subscriptions are delivered by post to the address given during the process of order, provided that the customer informs exactly and give all the necessary details to the proper delivery of his order.

Opening hours and delivery times are those usually applied by the postal services, APIDPM declines liability for any default or delay in delivery of journals caused by total or partial malfunction of the postal service.s

Upon reasonable and justified request of the Subscriber, APIDPM may proceed to the resend of an issue of the non-received or damaged journal.

Period of withdrawal

For orders of "paper" subscriptions, excluding all other services offered for sale online by APIDPM, the customer has a period of 14 days from the date of registration of the order to cancel it and be refunded.

Refunds will be made in a period of less or equal to 30 days after the receipt of the request. The refund will be according to the choice of APIDPM by a credit to a bank account in the billing address.

Case of electronic subscriptions

The Subscriber could be described as consumer within the meaning of the legislation in force, agrees that the service is provided and accessible, as soon as the confirmation of the order and its first connection to the service, which begin its subscription for a selected period. Thus, you expressly acknowledge that service delivery begins, with your agreement, before the deadline of seven days under the consumer code for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, you may not claim benefit.


Termination is possible at any time by e-mail at the following address: info@santetropicale.com.
The user account will be deleted within two days after receipt of the termination. The termination does not give rise to any penalty, or a refund of the current period.

In addition, APIDPM reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the subscription by the Subscriber, without compensation or right to refund and without legal formalities, in case of failure to the present general conditions.

Usage rules and features of the Internet

APIDPM is committed to do what is necessary to secure access, consultation and use of the information in accordance with the rules of use of the Internet.
Médecine du Maghreb électronique is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except in case of force majeure or an event beyond the control of APIDPM and subject to possible breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary to the proper functioning of the site. The maintenance work may be done, without previously warn the subscribers.

The subscriber accepts the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and in particular acknowledge that:

  • Its use of the site is done at your own risk;
  • The site is available "as is" and according to its availability;
  • All material downloaded by the Subscriber or obtained in any other way during the use of the site, is at your own risk;
  • The Subscriber is solely responsible for any damage suffered by his computer or loss of data consecutive to the downloading of this material or the consultation of the site;
  • It is him, therefore, to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software from contamination by any viruses circulating through the site and/or the information or content;
  • No advice and no information, whether oral or written, obtained by Subscriber of Médecine du Maghreb électronique or during the use of the site are likely to create guarantees not expressly provided for in these terms;
  • He is solely responsible for the use made of the information present on the site and, consequently, APIDPM cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage arising from the use of this information;
  • It is solely responsible for the use of the content of the sites with a hypertext link with th Médecine du Maghreb électronique, APIDPM declining any responsibility for these contents;
  • He has knowledge of the nature of the Internet, in particular its technical performance and response times to consult, question or transfer information;
  • The communication of his access codes or of any information deemed confidential in General is made under its own responsibility;
  • He must take all necessary measures to ensure that the technical characteristics of its equipment enable the consultation of information.

Personal data and Protection of privacy

The automatic processing of personal data implemented by APIDPM have been reported to the CNIL, in accordance with the French law of January 6th, 1978 relating to computing, files and freedoms.

We respect the privacy of our users and subscribers and we strictly comply with the laws in force on the protection of privacy and individual liberties. We collect and process personal data reported by the users of our services to the purposes necessary to the provision of the services offered on our site or subscribed by our customers.

Your identity will be made public when you post a comment on Médecine du Maghreb électronique, so that your contributions are attributed to you, as well as the date at which the comments will be published. Your consent by posting a contribution of any kind whether, on the site.

On the other hand, we do not disclose other information in our possession about you to third parties, other than on request of the competent authorities.
As part of the consultation or the use of Médecine du Maghreb électronique, APIDPM is required to maintain certain information about you for the purposes of the proper functioning of the services as well as for statistical purposes, as outlined in the terms of use of the site.
ou agree that records in our systems, to determine such things as the use of your account, will make faith in our relationships.

Your Internet browser stores a small text file on your computer (cookies) when you enter your credentials on Médecine du Maghreb électronique.

This cookie has for function to simplify access to Médecine du Maghreb électronique eand contains only your credentials (login and password). When you access a page of Médecine du Maghreb électronique which access is restricted to subscribers, a computer script checks if its finds this cookie on your computer. If it finds it, it will identify you automatically and you will not have to manually enter your credentials. The cookies have a lifetime of 30 days.
If you often use your IDs, the cookie will regenerate for 30 days each time that will use them. If you do not use your details for 31 days, the cookies will automatically destroy itself.

You can destroy this cookie by clicking on the « sign out » link available on every page of Médecine du Maghreb électronique when you're identified.

Consultation of the information reserved for subscribers makes necessary the activation of cookies on your computer. Otherwise, the service may be inaccessible.

In accordance with the law computer and freedoms of January, 6th 1978 modified, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition relatively to the personal data concerning you, that you can exercise directly from APIDPM, via your account, or by e-mail or by post to the above address on Médecine du Maghreb électronique.

Intellectual property

All information provided on the site, all trademarks reproduced on the site, and, more generally, all or part of the site itself are reserved for the title of intellectual property rights, and for whole world. These terms and conditions don't involve any transfer of these intellectual property rights for the benefit of a customer whatever it is. Accordingly, it is prohibited to reproduce and/or use the brands and logos present on the site.

Customer is also forbidden to copy, change, translate, reproduce, disseminate, sell, publish, exploit in any other way and broadcast in a different format in electronic form or another, all or part of the information (even partially) contained in the downloaded articles and in the received journals.

Customer is also forbidden to copy, change, translate, reproduce, disseminate, sell, publish, exploit in any other way and spread in another format under electronic form or another all or part of the information (even partially) present on the site.
Finally, it is forbidden to broadcast within his company or to a third party any journal and/or a panorama of press incorporating all or part of the information on the site.

Violation of these mandatory provisions submits the offender, and any responsible person, to criminal and civil penalties provided by law.


APIDPM realizes its services under the contract of subscription according to the French regulations in force. The responsibility of APIDPM cannot be engaged in case of non-compliance of the legislation of another country.

APIDPM cannot guarantee in any case that the proposed services will experience no interruption. The supplying obligation of APIDPM is limited to an obligation of means.

APIDPM cannot be held responsible for non-performance of the contract, in case of stock rupture or unavailability of the product, force majeure, malfunction, disruption or total or partial strike especially in the postal services and means of transport and telecommunications. APIDPM will incur no liability for any indirect damages on account of the present, loss of exploitation, loss of profit, loss of chance, damage or expenses.

Likewise, information obtained by the customer as part of the services offered by APIDPM, whether it be in the journal, on the website, by e-mail or by postal mail, give right to any guarantee of APIDPM. All information and data disseminated in the publications edited by APIDPM are provided for information. The supply of these data cannot be equated, in any way whatsoever, to specific advice or assistance to the decision for the purposes of a particular transaction or to take an investment decision. APIDPM nor any of its partners cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that may be the result of errors, omissions or delays in the transmission of said information.

Reproduced articles and information are the sole responsibility of their authors. Accordingly, the responsibility of APIDPM cannot be engaged in case of error in one of these studies or one of these articles.

Practical texts - Jurisdiction

The parties agree that these terms and conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of the present contract will be, for lack of amicable resolution, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts of the place of the Head Office of APIDPM.


Customer service

For information, question or advice, APIDPM can be contacted:

By postal mail :
APIDPM Santé tropicale
Espace Santé 3 - 521, avenue de Rome
83500 La Seyne sur mer - France

By phone : : +33 4 94 63 24 99 ou +33 4 94 10 99 99

Par e-mail : Using the dedicated form on APIDPM websites or directly at the following address: info@santetropicale.com.

The company Agence Panafricaine Interactive de Développement et de Promotion du Médicament (APIDPM), is a limited liability company with a capital of 5,000 euros, registered in "Trade and Companies Register" of Toulon under No 493 663 074 00018, headquartered at Espace Santé 3 - 521, avenue de Rome, 83510 La Seyne-sur-Mer, France

Médecine du Maghreb électronique is edited by :

APIDPM Santé tropicale
Espace Santé 3 - 521, avenue de Rome
83500 La Seyne sur mer - France
Téléphone : +33 4 94 10 99 99 - +33 4 94 63 24 99
Mail : apidpm@orange.fr - info@santetropicale.com

Odonto-Stomatologie tropicale - 1ère revue dentaire internationale panafricaine - Plus d'informations

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