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Tropical Dental Journal - 1st Pan African international dental journal

Tropical Dental Journal


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N° 181 - March 2023

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Available article(s):

Surgical removal by flap technique of recurrent epulis: case report

K.F. Kouadio, Z.A.D. Pockpa, G.S. Mobio, A. Kouadio-Ahnoux, N.T. Koffi-Coulibaly - Ivory Coast - 5-12 - Read article

Antioxidant activity of Euphorbia hirta and Nauclea latifolia, two African medicinal plants useful for traditional medicine

S.H. Ohoueu Seka, T. Okpekon Aboula, J.A. Adouko Aka, B.N. Djyh, M. Ayé, A.P. Kouamé, A. dit Philippe Bidié - Ivory Coast - 13-19 - Read article

Early management of feeding problems in an infant with cleft lip and palate

W. Zouaoui, M. Chalbi, M. Nait Melek, I. Jezi, M.A. Chemli - Tunisia - 20-24 - Read article

Sexual dimorphism of dento-skeletal parameters in African melanoderms and Arab-Phenician leucoderms adolescents

A.R. Assi - Ivory Coast - 25-34 - Read article

How to prevent prosthetic stomatitis? an overview

A.A. Kouadio, A.G.M. Allou, P. Le Bars - Ivory Coast - 35-52 - Read article

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N° 182 - June 2023

This issue is available in printed version; order

Available article(s):

Surgical management of excessive gingival display by a modified lip repositioning technique

W. El Kholti, K. Amine, J. Kissa - Morocco - 5-11 - Read article

Perception of smile esthetics among dental students at different educational levels

D. Abou Saad, C. Salameh, E. Nasr - Lebanon - 13-23 - Read article

Perception of pain related to orthodontic dental displacement among patients in Ouagadougou

Y. Ouédraogo, A. Sissao, K. Touré, S. Bougoum, T. Konsem, P.I. Ngom - Burkina Faso - 25-33 - Read article

Epidemiological aspects of complex craniofacial fractures

A.P. Makungu, S.R.B. Late, D. Moubissa, G. Kengue, M. Rouckaya - Gabon - 34-40 - Read article

Oral health of Mauritanian children between 7 and 16 years old: A descriptive cross-sectional study

A. Bossouf, P. Adge, P. Tramini, N. Giraudeau, C. Inquimbert - France - 41-50 - Read article

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N° 183 - September 2023

This issue is available in printed version; order

Available article(s):

Severity of dental fluorosis in primary school children in Boguedia (Ivory Coast)   Open access article  

A.K.S. Datte, A.D. Sangare, G.D. Meless - Ivory Coast - 5-13 - Read article

Restoring the smile and oro-facial functions in children by prosthesis   Open access article  

K. Koné, M. Savi de Tove, K.B. Kouame, A.E. Oka, A.L. Kattie - Ivory Coast - 14-22 - Read article

Carcinome épidermoïde, langue mobile, facteurs de risque

M.M. Ndiaye, S. Toure, A. Ndiaye, R. Diop - Senegal - 23-28 - Read article

Management of gonococcal oral aphthosis at the Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Treichville University Teaching Hospital: a case report   Open access article  

A.R.E. Yapo, N.D. N’guessan, K.J.F.R. Behibro, M.F.O. Seguy, B. Ettien Tehoua, E. Anzouan-Kacou, E.K. Konan - Ivory Coast - 29-32 - Read article

Guidelines ensuring longevity of implant supported crown replacing mandibular molar: a clinical report   Open access article  

I. Kalghoum, M.M. Chebil, O. Mejri, D. Hadyaoui - Tunisia - 33-43 - Read article

Knowledge of patients attending the Odonto-Stomatology and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of the Sylvanus Olympio University Teaching Hospital (SO-UTH) in Lome (Togo) about the consequences of tooth loss   Open access article  

K.M. Bouassalo, S. Adam, P.S. Dabo, P. Hemou, B. Kebina, B. Betenora, S.A. Fagbegnon, F.E. Baglo, H. Bissa, B.J. Nbouke, P.P. Agoda, B.K. Djeredou - Togo - 44-52 - Read article

This issue is available in printed version: order

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