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Tropical Dental Journal - 1st Pan African international dental journal

Tropical Dental Journal

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N° 177 - March 2022

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Available article(s):

Mucosal hyperplasia under prosthesis. Diagnosis and management in two clinical cases

A.A. Kouadio, O.N. Bandiaky, M. K. Kouame, L. Le Guehennec, K. B. Djeredou, P. Le Bars - Ivory Coast - 5-16 - Read article

Burden of oral diseases in Bafia (Cameroon)   Open access article  

H.B. Nguendo Yongsi - Cameroon - 17-33 - Read article

Psychological impact, awareness, and online learning experience of dental students during the COVID lockdown

S Al-Omoush, F. Alsoleihat, R.A. Alamoush, W. Elmanaseer, A.M. Hamdan - Jordan - 35-52 - Read article

Perception of implantology by dentists in Cameroon

J.J. Ndjoh, L. Nguiatsi, D. Ntep, M.J. Essi, C. Bengondo Messanga, L. Essama Eno Belinga - Cameroon - 53-64 - Read article

Good long-term tolerance of thalidomide during the treatment of severe oral aphtosis

F.A. Wanvoegbe, A. Turcu, S. Bancole, A. Jacquin-Piques, B. Bach, H. Devilliers, A. Agbodande, A. Azon-Kouanou, G. Muller, J.F. Besancenot, P. Bielefeld - Benin - 65-68 - Read article

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N° 178 - June 2022

This issue is available in printed version; order

Available article(s):

In vitro antifungal activities of Allium sativum and Annona muricata extracts on the growth of Candida albicans hospital strain of oral origin

S.H. Ohoueu Seka, J.A. Adouko Aka, B.N. Djyh, E.K. Bolou Gbouhoury, M. Ayé, A. Bidié - Ivory Coast - 5-12 - Read article

Giant haemorrhagic odontogenic myxoma: a case report

K.M. Koffi, M.B. Harding, O.A.D.M. Ory, R. Koné, B.T.E. Kouai, D.Y.C Ouihahi, K.E Aka, B. Ouattara, P. Bouletreau - Ivory Coast - 13-18 - Read article

Utility of decision tree algorithm to predict factors influencing knowledge of oral health

G. Sivaramakrishnan, K. Sridharan - Bahrain - 19-27 - Read article

Factors associated with patient satisfaction at the Centre of Consultations and Odonto-stomatology Treatment of Cocody University Hospital, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

D.A. Sangare, M. Samba, N.M. Nouaman, M.P. Pregnon, J-C. Guinan, R. Bakayoko-Ly - Ivory Coast - 28-36 - Read article

Anatomopathological aspects of odontogenic cervico-facial cellulitis. About 357 cases

F.V.A Rakotoarimanana, L.S. Haminason, A.F. Rasolondraibe, R.H. Andriamanantena, J.A.B Razafindrabe - Madagascar - 37-42 - Read article

Evaluation of the factors affecting the bracket failure rates of brackets bonded with two orthodontic bonding systems in a Nigerian population

C.M. Ogbonna, O. O. DaCosta, I. L. Utomi, M. C. Isiekwe - Nigeria - 43-52 - Read article

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N° 179 - September 2022

This issue is available in printed version; order

Available article(s):

Pleomorphic adenoma of the accessory salivary glands: about a clinical case

M.E. Nokam, S. Noumbissi, L.M. Mboua, M.C. Bengondo - Cameroon - 5-10 - Read article

Influence of facial morphometry and societal perception of facial aesthetics on physical self-esteem in melano-Ivoirian girls

A.R. Assi, N.J.J. Gnadoh, J.B. Beugre - Ivory Coast - 11-25 - Read article

Angle’s malocclusion among Nigerian adolescents. An epidemiological survey of the three major tribes

S.S. Etim, CO Onyeaso - Nigeria - 27-34 - Read article

Frequency of Oral Health-Related Quality of life in partial edentulous Congolese adults and its clinicals determinants

G. Mayunga, D. Mashinda, J. Bolenge, J.P. Sekele, C. Mafuta, F. Nyimi, T. Thenene, U. Ntumba, P. Kumpanya, J. Lutula - Congo, The Democratic Republic of the - 35-43 - Read article

Comparison of rugae patterns in identical and non-identical twins

T.J Ogunrinde, A.O. Adisa, B. Kolude, A.O. Lawal, O.T. Temisanren, O. Ibiyemi, C.A. Akinyamoju - Nigeria - 44-50 - Read article

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