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Tropical Dental Journal - 1st Pan African international dental journal

Tropical Dental Journal


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Recommendations to authors

Consult "Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement" (PDF)

Tropical Dental Journal (TDJ), is a « peer-reviewed journal », bilingual, French and English. Only the advice of the advisory board sets the editorial policy. (see the "Peer review process")

TDJ request compliance with the present instructions so submitted publications are transferred as is to concerned reviewers. Non-compliant publications will not be integrated to be sent to the advisory board.

Conditions of publication

Processing fees

1. Article submission and processing fee: 30 euros.

This non-refundable fee will limit the submission of poor quality studies that do not meet the journal's publication criteria. We hope this will make the review process smoother,
Once the article is received, a submission invoice will be issued.
Payment can be made via the secure Paypal platform or by bank transfer (the processing time will be longer).
As soon as the payment is received, the article will be processed, if it is in accordance with our recommendations it will be sent for revision.

2. Publication fee (APF): 100 euros*

Once the article is accepted, authors are expected to pay the publication fee within 30 days.
As with submission, an invoice will be issued. Once the payment is registered, the study will be scheduled for publication.

*These fees apply to studies with up to 10 colour photos.

In the future, an online submission and payment module will be made available to authors.

We strongly encourage authors to assess their ability to cover the APF before submitting their manuscript for publication.

In return, the studies will be freely available on our website.


Original articles, as well as the full text of communications may be published only after notice of the advisory board.
Articles can be written in French or in English but:


When an article conforms to the recommendations to the authors, it is submitted for review.
Usually only one reviewer is used, but if several specialties are involved, studies may be reviewed by two reviewers.
Manuscripts to be reviewed are anonymous to avoid any conflict of interest or bias, and whenever possible, the reviewer is not from the authors' geographical area.

Only the Editorial Board may decide the desirability of this publication.
Articles must be sent by email to the secretariat of redaction :

Articles must not be simultaneously submitted to another journal, or have been the subject of an earlier publication.

After the decision of the reading committee, it will not be possible to change the list of authors.

Text presentation

Title page

The precise title must be indicated on a specific page which must include names and surnames of all authors, their qualities and specialities, their postal and electronic addresses.

The title page should mention, too, the name of the University ou Research center and the name and complete details of the correspondant author.

The secretariat of the advisory board will correspond only with the correspondant author and will transfer him remarks and comments of the reviewers.

Pdf offprints will be sent to the correspond author.


References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text. All references are identified, whether they appear in the text, tables, or legends, by Arabic numbers in superscript.

For articles, procedure will be :

For the books :

For a chapter in a book :


Units of measurement and chemistry must comply with international standards; for words, the abbreviation must be indicated to their first use in parentheses. If there are too many abbreviations, they shall be provided on a separate page.

Figures and tables

Illustrations should be limited to what is necessary for the understanding of the text.

Illustrations should be referred in the text by their number (in Arabic numeral for the figures, Roman numeral for tables).

Each table or figure is a unit which must be comprehensible in itself, without reference to the text.

Figures should be included in the text or sent as attachments (depending on weight). If a figure is borrowed to another author or another publication, the permission to reproduce must be obtained from the Publisher and the author. Captions of figures should be typed in order on a specific page. Abbreviations used in the tables, figures or their legends must be defined for each table or figure.

Download recommendations to authors (PDF)

Relations with authors

photo_nathNathalie is the coordinator of the advisory boards of APIDPM Santé Tropicale publications.
All correspondence concerning articles submitted for publication or applications for the integration of the advisory board should be directly addressed to her.

Request about submitted studies : Only complete requests (title of article + name of first author + date of sending) sent by e-mail will be processed.

Nathalie Gabella
Direct line: +33 4 94 63 24 99

Download recommendations to authors (PDF)

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